BCA Appointments And Thanks For 2015

BCA held its annual general meeting this past Tuesday evening.

I’d like to start by thanking the outgoing members from the previous committee, Ashleigh Malone, Michael Zannis, Rob Mascitti and Matt McCarthy for their hard work during the past twelve months. You will all certainly be missed, in particular Rob and Michael, who many of you would know have been on BCA for sometime and have certainly given a huge amount back to blind cricket as a whole over a number of years.

We congratulate the appointment of new committee members Troy King, Mark Eschbank, Tim Haggis and Hamish Mackenzie on to this year’s committee and I know that the entire team will join me in expressing how excited we are all to be a part of a new look group. This year promises to be a big year and it’s fabulous to be working with a committed and hard working team.

We also congratulate national selector Phil Penn for being reappointed and we welcome Troy King into the second national selectors position. We look forward to working with you both throughout the next term and we’re thrilled to have you both as part of the team.

The board would also like to congratulate Ray Moxly on his reappointment as international delegate, as well as Lindsay Heaven for being appointed as a second international delegate. It’s fantastic to have two gentlemen who clearly have blind crickets best interests in mind and we wish you both well in serving BCA internationally.

Finally, I’d like to thank Michael Clements for his many years of blood, sweat and toil out there on the numerous cricket pitches around the world, both under the VBCA umbrella as well as for the many internationals he did for BCA. Michael, your hard work will definitely not be forgotten and you have always been a true gentleman and a wonderful and fair umpire.

I look forward to another fantastic year on the BCA committee and I also very much look forward to corresponding with all state secretaries throughout the next twelve months in what promises to be another big year for blind cricket.

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